Current projects

The table below provides an overview of all current Drops of Hope projects. Click on the project name to open a factsheet with more information about the project.

Theme Place Project
Kids and youth Sumy Kids First: the organization of various activities for children, teenagers and their parents.
Kids and youth Sumy Launchpad: give teenagers a safe place to meet up, have fun, think about life and develop a healthy mindset.
Kids and youth Oleksandrivka Good4U: a safe place where children can relax, have fun, build healthy relationships, develop life skills and learn about their rights and responsibilities.
Resilience Borova Resilient Borova: offer encouragement and practical support for residents of this frontline town.
Resilience Lyman Lyman Lives: hold activities that increase people’s resilience and give them hope.
Resilience Sumy Beyond Disaster: training to learn in small groups how to process anxieties and difficult experiences.
Resilience Sumy Golden Age Club: social club for older people.
Resilience Oleksandrivka Men First: provide an opportunity for men to meet, talk and encourage each other over a meal.
Livelihood support Oleksandrivka Seeds of Hope: Purchase seeds locally to donate to villagers who cannot afford seeds. Then they will be able to grow their own food in their gardens this year.
Livelihood support Oleksandrivka Microbusiness Booster: set up small agricultural microbusinesses so that low-income households can earn an additional income.
Team building Oleksandrivka Team Oleksandrivka: provide emotional support, encouragement, training and, where appropriate, remuneration for individuals who help with community work by the church.
Team building Sumy Team Sumy: provide emotional support, encouragement and training for individuals who help with community work by the church.


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