Help us with your skills

We all have skills that we can put to use to help other people.

So how can you help Our Daily Bread? As listed below, we’re looking for social media and communication volunteers, ambassadors, and people with expertise in mental health and psychosocial support and working with the elderly. If you’ve got other skills you’d like to put to good use for the people of Eastern Ukraine, then we would be happy to hear from you too.

Grow our social media following

Can you help us optimise our social media profile and gain more followers?

Then contact us about becoming a social media supporter.

Develop our network

Are you good at networking and do you want to promote our work in your circles and beyond?

Then contact us about becoming an ambassador.

Strengthen our communication

Do you speak Ukrainian as well as Dutch and/or English?

Then contact us to find out how you can strengthen our communication on the ground in Ukraine.

Contribute to our expertise

Do you have experience in mental health and psychosocial support (MHPSS), working with the elderly or working in (former) conflict zones?

Then contact us to find out how you could contribute to our expertise by becoming an adviser or board member.


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