Who are we?

We’re Our Daily Bread and we help vulnerable people in Eastern Ukraine to live dignified and purposeful lives. Also, during this immensely difficult wartime period.

Our mission

We help people to stand on their own two feet and to look after each other in their local communities. And we help people regardless of their origin, religion or gender.

How we work

Our Daily Bread works in close cooperation with local partners and we work together as equals. Projects evolve through a co-creation process with our partners. We listen carefully to their needs, observe what they do and ask critical questions. As a Christian charity, we tread the delicate line between, on the one hand, investing in projects according to sound business principles and, on the other, prayerfully considering with our partners what the wisest course of action would be. We pursue an adaptable strategy and maintain short lines of communication. This allows us to respond rapidly and effectively in the highly volatile situation in Eastern Ukraine.

You can read more about our project approach in the document Our way of working.

Craft activity Golden Age Club in Sumy

Beyond disaster course in Sumy

What we do

Our Daily Bread’s current focus is on projects that boost the social and psychological resilience of vulnerable people and communities in this wartime period. Why? Because resilient people and communities can overcome adversity and find the strength they need to rebuild their part of Ukraine during and after the war.

All these projects are part of our Drops of Hope programme.

Our history

Rehabilitation centre clients Bakhmut

Our Daily Bread was established in May 2020 to help churches in Eastern Ukraine develop grassroots community and small business projects that enable vulnerable people to stand on their own two feet. Several such projects were initiated and realised in Bakhmut (the Donbas region) and Sumy (Northeast Ukraine) before the outbreak of the full-scale war on 24 February 2022.

You can read more about those projects here

During the first few months of the war (spring 2022), we helped our Ukrainian partners to provide emergency relief in Bakhmut, Barvinkove and Sumy. Our Daily Bread offered a vital lifeline for many people in the initial weeks of the war as very little emergency relief aid got through to Eastern Ukraine.

Evacuation of people from Bakhmut


By May 2022, far more aid began to reach Eastern Ukraine and most of the people who were able to flee had left. Therefore it was time for a change of direction: Drops of Hope


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