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Our Daily Bread organises its projects in Eastern Ukraine with the help of our partners’ church communities. We have built up a solid relationship with these partners based on mutual trust, respect, equality and reciprocity.


Andriy en Ira Prav lead a church in Barvinkove, a small town between Sloviansk and Izyum on the edge of the Donbas region. Andriy leads a team from the church that distributes large volumes of humanitarian aid and provides pastoral support in the Barvinkove region. They realise our resilience project Hope for the future.


Oleksander and Eri Petruhina used to lead a church in Popasna (Luhansk region) until Russian forces occupied the city in the spring of 2022.
In 2023, they started a new church in Lyman (Donetsk region), which was liberated from Russian forces in September 2022. Life in liberated Lyman is extremely difficult. Countless buildings have been partly or entirely destroyed. The economy is in tatters and many of the town’s residents need humanitarian aid to survive. Oleksander and Eri provide this aid, listen to people’s stories and organise activities to give people hope, like a women’s club and events for children that we fund.


Yevhen and Natasha Nadiuk live in the village of Oleksandrivka 60 km west of Kramatorsk and have two children. Yevhen worked at a petrol station and Natasha was a supply manager in the culture department of the local government until they both lost their jobs in 2022 due to the war. Now like many people in their village, they are currently unemployed. However, they continue to lead a church in Oleksandrivka. This church plays an active role in the life of the village community. For example, it holds holidays for children several times per year, distributes humanitarian aid in cooperation with the village volunteer centre and it realises our livelihoods projects.


Ivan and Eugeniya Lemak lead a church in Sumy in Northeast Ukraine. Besides being a pastor, Ivan has a small construction business. He also has experience with helping vulnerable young people. Eugeniya is dedicated to working with older people and children. Eugeniya realises several of our kids & youth and reslilience projects.

Advisory partner

Slava and Olexandra Balahura were the first partner of Our Daily Bread. Before the war, they led a church in Bakhmut with a strong concern for social justice. They ran a rehabilitation centre for alcoholics, a soup kitchen and provided much-needed practical help in the form of food and clothing for vulnerable people. That work stopped with the outbreak of the war, when they switched to providing emergency relief until the hostilities became so severe that the church had to close.
Slava and Olexandra now work with Ukrainian refugees in Germany. They are also trusted advisors for Our Daily Bread.


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